The valley of Savuto is characterized by a multitude of shades of green that come together to blend in with the red of the earth, the transparency of the water and the grey of stones. The Savuto river carries and transforms them along its slow rolling path towards the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the middle, to combine two thousand years of history,there are two thousand years of bridges,as key players of historical ages like Magna Grecia, ancient Rome, Saracen incursions, banditry and emigration. A series of round arches that in millennia have got together different peoples, making them accomplices to the inexorable flow of time. Spread across the river, they offer to visitors natural stages from which they can view and enjoy the supreme spectacle. They are ancient stones, imbued with man’s willingness to make easier walking, to discover and to know.
The valley of Savuto, as well as its people, is an austere valley but capable of infinite beauties once you try, you can’t forget. A territory with intense scent of musk and chestnuts, mushrooms and wine that, thanks to the river, brings the aromas of the sea inside.

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