Antiche Vigne, meets Gusto


    Antiche Vigne meets Gusto “I met Gianfranco Pironti, a Calabrian winegrower, during an tasting evening at the Gusto Restaurant in Rome last Thursday. Enchanted by the wines tasted, I decided to approach him asking about his story. Read more

Tasting the white wine Terra di Ginestre DOP 2015


      Wine Meridian meets Antiche Vigne “It is always good to be pleasantly surprised by wines you don’t know and that are not very famous. This is the case of Terra di Ginestre DOP Terre di Cosenza, a white wine from the winery Antiche Vigne. A small (only 14 hectares) and young winery […]

Tasting Savuto Superiore DOC  2012


  Wine meridian meets Antiche Vigne “Antiche Vigne, Gianfranco Pironti’s winery was founded 10 years ago, but it’s been enough time for this young entrepreneur to prove the value and the vocation of its territory. We are in the heart of Savuto Valley (that is the reason of the name of this small appellation), in […]